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Series 92 Detroit Diesel Engines

OIL FILTER - groups: 4.2240 - 4.2290

92_oil_filter_pg176-179.jpg - Diagram
Page: 176
Part No. Description Group Ref#6V8V12V16V Price QOH
Details View Images 5142549 Plug, 3/4" Pipe (12.9550) 4.224000A/RA/RA/RA/R$1.84999
Details View Images 186622 Bolt, 3/8"-16 X 1 1/4" (12.9001) 4.224001A/RA/RA/RA/R$1.0218
Details View Images 186628 Bolt, 3/8"-16 X 1 1/2" (12.9001) 4.224001A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.7320
Details View Images 9414215 Bolt, 3/8"-16 X 2 1/2" (12.9001) 4.224001A/RA/RA/RA/R$3.1135
Details View Images 179850 Bolt, 3/8"-16 X 2 3/4" (12.9001) 4.224001A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.921
Details View Images 102635 Nut, 3/8"-16 (12.9120) 4.224000A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.1412
Details View Images 23503626 Valve, Oil Control (Thermatic)
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Replaced by 4 items.
Details View Images 5134920 Gasket, Thermatic Valve 4.224700A/RA/RA/RA/R$2.088
Details View Images 23530407 Element, Oil Filter (Spin-On) 4.225003A/RA/RA/RA/R$15.2541
Details View Images 23530410 Element, Oil Filter (AC Type PF-132 Paper) 4.225004A/RA/RA/RA/R$14.1914
Details View Images 1595620 Gasket, Oil Filter (Rectangular Section) (4.2300) 4.225005A/RA/RA/RA/R$2.7012
Details View Images 23530407 Element, Oil Filter (Spin-On) (AC Type PF-911) 4.225003A/RA/RA/RA/R$15.2541
Details View Images P550117 Element, Oil Filter (AC Type P117) 4.225003A/RA/RA/RA/R$10.969
Details 5574008 Shell Assy., Oil Filter (AC Type OF-203) 4.228006A/RA/RA/RA/R$198.0694
Details View Images 5570480 Plug, Drain (2.3050) 4.228007A/RA/RA/RA/R$13.181
Details View Images 5130998 Cover, Oil Filter (Front) (4.4060) 4.229008A/RA/RA/RA/R$409.545
Details 5144344 Cover, Oil Filter (OBSOLETE) 4.229008A/RA/RA/RA/R$220.2715
Details View Images 8921694 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover (Cover, Rear) 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$1,064.7813
Details 8921695 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover (Cover, Rear) 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$749.4944
Details 5134310 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$229.4556
Details 5124138 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$692.650
Details 5123382 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$424.662
Details 5139802 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover
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Replaced by 2 items.
5144212 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover (OBSOLETE) 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/ROBSOLETE1
5133989 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover (OBSOLETE) 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/ROBSOLETE0
Details 5134306 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover
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Replaced by 2 items.
Details View Images 5124065 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$2,751.291
Details View Images 5147684 Adaptor Assy., Oil Filter Cover 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$188.715
Details 5100930 Adaptor, Oil Filter Cover 4.229000A/RA/RA/RA/R$406.68-1

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