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Series V 71 Torque Specifications

Thread Size (in.)Class & ApplicationTorque Specifications
1 1/8-18Nut-Cam and Balance Shaft300-325407-441
1/4-18NPTF Dipstick Adaptor used with Airbox Drain Banjo38-4252-57
1/4-20Standard Torque Specification7-99-12
Bolt-Injector Control Shaft Bracket10-1714-23
Bolt-Cam Follower Guide12-1616-22
1/4-28Standard Torque Specification8-1011-14
Screw Inj. Rack Control Lever2-33-4
5/16-18Standard Torque Specification13-1718-23
Bolt Blower Drive Assembly Thrust Collar16-222-28
Bolt-Hand Hole Cover (Air Box)13-2118-28
Bolt-Oil Pan (Cast) - Hard Gasket13-2118-28
Bolt-Oil Pan (Low Pan or in Aluminum F/W Hsg. and Front Cover)10-1214-16
5/16-24Standard Torque Specification15-1920-26
Nut-Lock Push Rod15-1920-26
Bolt-Blower Drive Plat to Gear25-3034-41
Bolt-Blower Drive Coupling Rotor Gear20-2527-34
Nut-Lock Valve Bridge Adj. Screw20-2527-34
3/8-16Standard Torque Specification30-3541-47
Bolt-Camshaft & Seal End Bearing35-4047-54
Bolt-Air Inlet Housing to Blower16-2122-28
Bolt-Trunnion to Block40-4554-61
Bolt-Rocker Cover Hold-Down Special 12-Point15-2020-27
Bolt-side Angle Blower Mounting30-3541-47
Bolt-Injector Clamp20-2527-34
Bolt-Oil Pan10-2014-27
3/8-24Standard Torque Specification35-3947-53
Bolt-Flywheel Housing Small Hole Cover30-3541-47
Bolt-Accessory Drive to Balance Gear (Steel Disc)45-5061-68
Bolt-Blower Drive Sprocket to Blower Rotor Gear45-5061-68
Screw-Lock-Cam Inter Bearing15-2020-27
Bolt-Lower Front Cover25-3034-41
Nut-Water Manifold20-2527-34
Bolt-Blower Drive Assembly Flex Plate to Hub40-4554-61
Bolt & Nuts-Blower Drive Assembly Attaching Nuts and Bolts25-3034-41
Nut-Flywheel Housing Small Hole Stud20-2527-34
Nut-Exhaust Outlet Manifold Flange (Brass)20-2527-34
Nut-Plug Blower Drive Assembly and Flywheel Housing Plug Nuts25-3034-41
Nut-Flange Mounted Alternator Adaptor15-2020-27
Nut-Fuel Jumper Line- O Ring13-1718-23
Nut-Fuel Jumper Line - Flared11-1315-18
Nut-Injector Clamp20-2527-34
7/16-14Standard Torque Specification46-5062-68
Bolt-Tach. Drive Cover30-3541-47
Bolt-Crankshaft Outboard Main Bearing70-7595-102
Bolt-Flywheel Housing Large Hole Cover30-3541-47
Bolt-Blower End Plate40-4554-61
7/16-20Standard Torque Specification57-6177-83
Connector-Fuel (Steel Washer)40-4554-61
Nut-Exhaust Manifold30-3541-47
Nut-Connecting Rod60-7081-95
Nut-Water Pump Impeller45-5061-68
Aluminum Flywheel Housing & Front Cover10-2014-27
Nut-Connecting Rod60-7081-95
Bolt-Connecting Rod to Pin55-6075-81
1/2-13Standard Torque Specification71-7596-102
Bolt-Flywheel Housing90-100122-136
Bolt-Idler Gear Hub and Dummy Hub80-90108-122
Bolt-Tach. Drive Cover35-3547-47
Bolt-Idler Gear Hub and Dummy Hub (Military 8-V71 T)105-115142-156
Bolt-Flywheel Housing Large Hole Cover30-3541-47
Bolt-Trunnion TOI Block105-115142-156
Bolt-Rocker Shaft Bracket to Cyl Head90-100122-136
1/2-20Standard Torque Specification83-93113-126
Bolt-Blower Rotor Gear Retainer100-110136-149
Bolt-Fuel Pump Drive55-6575-88
9/16-12Standard Torque Specification90-100122-136
9/16-18Standard Torque Specification107-117145-159
Bolt-Cam Gear R.B. (300M) Crankshaft180-190244-258
5/8-11Standard Torque Specification137-147186-199
Bolt-Starter to Aluminum Flywheel Housing95-105129-142
Bolt-Main Bearing (Boring)165-175224-237
Bolt-Main Bearing (Assembly)180-190244-258
Bolt-Cylinder Head190-200258-271
5/8-18Standard Torque Specification168-178228-241
Bolt-Lube Oil Filter Center50-6068-81
Bolt-Crankshaft Flange130-140176-190
Nut-Alternator Pulley70-8095-108
Nut-Special Self Locking, for 10SI Alternator40-6054-81
Nut-Cylinder Head190-200258-271
3/4-16Standard Torque Specification290-300393-407
Nut-Accessory Drive Pulley120-140163-190
3/4-18Nut-Standard, Dipstick Tube30-3541-47
7/8-14Standard Torque Specification475-485644-658
1-14Bolt Crankshaft End- 1 5/16 Hex Head290-310393-420
1-1/2Bolt Crankshaft End440-460597-624
1 7/16-16Nut-Blower Drive Gear Hub50-6068-81

Series V 71 Pipe Plug

Plug Size (in.)CharacteristicTorque Specifications
1/8-27Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)10-1214-16
1/4-18Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)14-1619-22
1/4-18Plug-Pipe (7/8 Taper)14-1619-22
3/8-18Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)18-2224-30
3/8-18Plug-Pipe (7/8 Taper)18-2224-30
1/2-14Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)23-2731-37
1/2-14Plug-Pipe (7/8 Taper)23-2731-37
3/4-14Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)33-3745-50
3/4-14Plug-Pipe (7/8 Taper)33-3745-50
1-11 1/2Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)75-85102-115
1-11 1/2Plug-Pipe (7/8 Taper)75-85102-115
1 1/4-11 1/2Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)95-105129-142
1 1/2-11 1/2Plug-Pipe (3/4 Taper)110-130149-176
1 1/2-11 1/2Plug-Pipe (7/8 Taper)110-130149-176
1/2-20Plug-Fuel Pump Relief Valve18-2224-30
1 1/4-16Plug-Oil Filter Bypass valve95-105129-142
1 1/2-6Plug-Oil Filter Bypass valve110-130149-176

Series V 71 Stud

Thread Size (in.)Class & ApplicationTorque Specifications
1/2-13Stud-Aluminum Flywheel Housing W/50DN Alternator20-2527-34