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Camshafts Listing

Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
View Images 23511522Cam, 6V92Detroit Diesel$955.0230
R5117852Camshaft, 12V71 L.H. L.B.Series V71Detroit DieselReman$612.251
R5117851Camshaft, 12V71 L.H. R.B.Series V71Detroit DieselReman$612.250
View Images R5117850Camshaft, 12V71 R.H. L.B.Series V71Detroit DieselReman$612.252
View Images R5117849Camshaft, 12V71 R.H. R.B.Series V71Detroit DieselReman$612.251
View Images R5107760Camshaft, 12V92 R.H. L.B. FrontSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$387.500
View Images R5107758Camshaft, 12V92 R.H. L.B. RearSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$387.501
View Images R5107761Camshaft, 12V92 R.H. R.B. FrontSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$387.501
View Images R5107759Camshaft, 12V92 R.H. R.B. RearSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$387.501
View Images 23516887Camshaft, 12V92Series 92Detroit DieselNew$662.2993
View Images R23516887Camshaft, 12V92Series 92Detroit DieselReman$360.250
View Images 23502352Camshaft, 12V149 R.H./L.B. L.H./R.B.Series 149Detroit DieselNew$1,795.862
View Images 23502353Camshaft, 12V149 R.H./R.B. L.H./L.B.Series 149Detroit DieselNew$1,849.742
5143012Camshaft, 12V149 R.H. L.B.Series 149Detroit DieselNew$1,911.001
R5143012Camshaft, 12V149 R.H. L.B.Series 149Detroit DieselReman$581.293
R5143204Camshaft, 12V149 R.H. R.B.Series 149Detroit DieselReman$581.293
RR5260500001Camshaft, 12V4000Series 4000Detroit DieselReman$2,253.990
23512614Camshaft, 16V149 R.H. L.B./R.B. FrontSeries 149Detroit DieselNew$1,892.200
View Images R5107664Camshaft 6-71T & TT,  RA & RDSeries 71Detroit DieselReman$467.561
View Images R5107322Camshaft 6V92 RH,LBDetroit Diesel$165.001
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