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Detroit Diesel Series V71 Group Nomenclature

1.0000ENGINE (Less Major Assemblies) 4.0000LUBRICATING SYSTEM
1.1000Cylinder Block / O/H Gasket Sets (page 1-3)4.1000Oil Pump (page 124-128)
1.2000Cylinder Head / Head Gasket Sets (page 4-6)4.1510Oil Distribution, 6V and 8V (page 129-131)
1.3000Crankshaft / Main Bearings (page 7-9)4.1510Oil Distribution, 12V and 16V (page 132-135)
1.3160Crankshaft Front Cover (page 10)4.1670Oil Pressure Regulator/Relief Valve (page 136-137)
1.3210Vibration Damper / C/S Pulley / Belt (page 11-12)4.2000Oil Filter (page 138-141)
1.4000Flywheel (page 13-14)4.4000Oil Cooler, Single (page 142-146)
1.5000Flywheel Housing / Adaptor (page 15-16)4.4000Oil Cooler, Double (page 147-150)
1.6000Con Rod & Bearing / Piston / Liner (page 17-18)4.4000Oil Cooler, Double/Double (page 151-154)
1.6182Cylinder Kits By Option Type Number (page 19-28)4.4000Oil Cooler, Tube Type (page 155-156)
1.7000Camshaft and Gear Train (page 29-33)4.5000Oil Filler (page 157-158)
1.7220Idler Gear Assembly (page 34)4.6000Dipstick (page 159-160)
1.7470Balance Weight Cover (page 35)4.7000Oil Pan, 6V and 8V (page 161-162)
1.7600Accessory Drive (page 36-42)4.7000Oil Pan, 12V and 16V (page 163-164)
1.8000Valve Train (page 43-45)4.8000Ventilating System / Breathers (page 165-169)
1.8450Rocker Cover (page 46)
2.0000FUEL SYSTEM5.1000Fresh Water Pump (page 170-174)
2.1000Fuel Injector (page 47-51)5.2000Water Manifold / Thermostat (page 175-179)
2.2000Fuel Pump (page 52-53)5.4000Fan & Fan Hub (page 180-185)
2.4000Fuel System (page 54-58)5.5000Heat Exchanger / Keel Cooling (page 186-192)
2.7000Limiting Speed Governor (page 59-65)5.6000Raw Water Pump (page 193-198)
2.7000Variable Speed Governor (page 66-70)
2.7330Governor Carrier & Weight Assembly (page 71-72)6.0000EXHAUST SYSTEM
2.7540Limited Speed Spring Housing (page 73-75)6.1000Exhaust Manifold (page 199-200)
2.7680Variable Speed Spring Housing (page 76-77)
2.7850Fast Idle Air Cylinder (page 77.1)7.0000ELECTRICAL - INSTRUMENTS
2.8000Hydraulic Governor (page 78-80)7.3000Starting Motor (page 201)
2.8750Hydraulic Governor Drive (page 81-84)7.4000Instruments (page 202-203)
2.9000Injector Controls (page 85-90)7.4400Tachometer Drive (page 204-205)
2.9344Throttle Controls (page 91-94)7.4500Shut-Off and Alarm System (page 206-212)
3.2000Air Silencer (page 95-98)12.4000Air Compressor (page 213-220)
3.3000Air Inlet Housing (page 99-102)12.5000Hydraulic Pump (page 221-223)
3.4000Blower & Blower Drive Shaft (page 103-109)12.8000Miscellaneous Engine Supplies (page 224)
3.4144Mini By-Pass Blower Valve (page 110)12.8715Overhaul Gasket Kit Breakdowns (page 225-230)
3.4300Blower Drive (page 111-112)12.8715ASupplementary Gasket Kit Breakdowns (page 231)
3.5000Turbocharger (page 113-120)12.8716Cylinder Head Gasket Kit Breakdowns (page 232)
3.5000AAftercooler (page 121)12.8717Blower Installation Kit Breakdowns (page 233-234)
3.5000BIntercooler (page 122-123)12.8718 In-Frame & Out Of Frame Overhaul Kits (page 235)