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53 Injectors Listing

Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
View Images R52268406840 InjectorSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$103.650
View Images R5229920Injector, 5A50Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.212
View Images RR5229920Injector, 5A50Series 53Detroit DieselReman$99.405
View Images R5229676Injector, 5A55Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.211
View Images R5229666Injector, 5A60Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.2110
View Images RR5229666Injector, 5A60Series 53Detroit DieselReman$99.401
View Images R5226250Injector, 5C50Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.210
View Images R5226240Injector, 5C55 Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.2115
View Images RR5226240Injector, 5C55Series 53Detroit DieselReman$106.150
View Images R5226230TInjector, 5C60, New TipSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$122.561
View Images R5226230Injector, 5C60Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.211
R5226685PInjector, 5D45 New Tip/P&B Series 53Detroit DieselReman$199.490
View Images R5226245PInjector, 5E55, New Tip/P&BSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$161.120
View Images R5226245Injector, 5E55Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.210
View Images R5226235Injector, 5E60Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.213
View Images R5229825Injector, 5N65Series 53/71Detroit DieselReman$87.960
View Images R5226575Injector, 9A31Series 53/92Detroit DieselReman$92.210
View Images R5229345Injector, C45Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.213
View Images RR5229345Injector, C45Series 53Detroit DieselReman$184.833
View Images R5229350Injector, C50Series 53Detroit DieselReman$92.212
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