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Cummins B-Series 1991-1994 Torque Specifications

Size MM (inch)Class & ApplicationTorque Specifications
10Aftercooler Mounting2418
(5/16)Aftercooler Water Hose Clamp54
(15/16)Alternator Pulley8059
13 or (3/4)Alternator Link (Delco 15-20-27 SI)4332
16Alternator Mounting Bolt 15 SI4332
18Alternator Mounting Bolt and Nut 20-27 SI7757
13Alternator Support (Upper)2418
23Balancer Mounting -- Step 15036
 Step 28058
 Step 3175129
Allen 8mmBalancer Idler Gear4332
Allen 5mmBelt Tensioner Flat Bracket2418
15Belt Tensioner Mounting4332
 Camshaft bolt step 12720
 Step 2Rotate 180 degrees
13Cam Thrust Plate2418
3/8Coolant Heater129
12Connecting Rod -- Step13526
 Step 27051
 Step 310073
15Crankshaft Damper & Pulley12592
18Cylinder Head Mounting -- Step 1 (All)9066
 Step 2 (All) Recheck to9066
 Step 3 (Long Capsrews)12090
 Step 4 Recheck (Long Capscrews Only)12090
 Step 5 (All) Rotate 90° 
(5/16)Crossover Clamp54
13Exhaust Manifold4332
13Exhaust Outlet Pipe Brkt. Mounting4332
13Exhaust Outlet Pipe, Flanged2418
(7/16)Exhaust Outlet Pipe, V Band Clamp86
10Fan Bracket Mounting2418
13Fan pulley2418
15Flywheel Housing7757
13Flywheel Housing Cover2418
(1/2)Flywheel Housing Plug3625
 Front Cover CapHand Tighten
18Front Engine Support Mounting7757
(1-1/8)Front Engine Support (Barrel)350257
17Fuel Banjo Screw (in Fuel Pump)3227
17Fuel Banjo Screw (In Head)2418
10Fuel Banjo Screw (In Injector)96
10Fuel Vent Screw (In Banjo)96
80-95Fuel Filter3/4 Turn After Contact
14Fuel Low Pressure Supply (Lift Pump Outlet)2418
24Fuel Filter Adapter Nut3224
17Fuel Line Fitting (High Press)2418
22Fuel Pump Drive Gear (with Pump Unlocked)  
 Bosch Rotary, Lucas CAV, Stanadyne DB46548
 Bosch (P3000, P7100)165122
10Fuel Pump Lock (Bosch)3022
10Fuel Pump Unlock (Bosch)1310
(9/16)Fuel Pump Lock (CAV) (Stanadyne DB4)129
(9/16)Fuel Pump Unlock (CAV) (Stanadyne DB4)129
13Fuel Pump Mounting Nut (Bosch Rotary, Stanadyne)2418
 Fuel Pump Mounting Nut (Nippondenso)4332
 Fuel Pump Mounting Nut (Lucas, CAV)3022
 Fuel Pump Mounting Nut (Bosch In-line)4332
 Fuel Pump Solenoid  
24(Bosch) VE4332
10Fuel Pump Support Bracket2418
10Gear Cover2418
10Gear Housing-to-Block2418
24Injector Retaining Nut6044
10Intake Manifold Cover2418
(5/8)Intake Heater Plug12590
10Lift Pump Mounting/Cover Plate2418
18Lifting Bracket (Rear)7757
23Main Bearing Cap -- Step 16044
 Step 211988
 Step 3176129
15Oil Fill Tube Mounting4332
75-85Oil Filter3/4 Turn After Contact
10Oil Cooler Assembly2418
17Oil Pan Drain Plug8060
17Oil Pan Heater Plug8060
10Oil Pan Mounting2418
19Oil Pressure Regulator Plug8060
13Oil Pump Mounting2418
13Oil Suction Tube (Flange)2418
10Oil Suction Tube Brace2418
15PTO Adapter7757
13PTO Adapter Cover Plate (A Drive)4332
15PTO Adapter Cover Plate (B Drive)7757
(3/4)PTO Gear Nut A Drive10074
(15/16)PTO Gear Nut B Drive134100
8Rear Seal Mounting97
13Rocker Support2418
(9/16)Rocker Lever Nut3425
10Starter Mounting4332
10Tach Drive Retainer32
10Tappet Cover / Fuel Drain Line Supports2418
10Thermostat Housing2418
T-25 TorxTiming Pin Flange Mounting54
10Turbo Compressor Housing V-Band8.56
15Turbo Mounting Nut4332
13Turbo Oil Drain Tube2418
(5/8)Turbo Oil Supply (Both Ends)3526
13Turbocharger Turbine Housing2015
(5/8)Water Hose Clamps4-54
13Water Inlet Connection4332
(3/8)Water Inlet Plugs2418
13Water Pump Mounting2418
15Valve Cover2418
 Valve Cover Oil FillHand Tighten