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Cummins Parts Specials
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Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
View Images PC-4020066Exhaust Manifold, Water Cooled, 6BT5.96BT5.9CumminsNew$745.004
View Images PC-3922935Exhaust Manifold, Water Cooled, 6CT8.36CT8.3CumminsNew$845.0019
View Images PC-3008590Exhaust Manifold, Water Cooled, 855T855 SeriesCumminsNew$925.0013
View Images PC-3003657Conn, Water Transfer K19 / G19 / QSK19CumminsNew$100.0012
View Images PC-3004718Conn, Water Transfer K19 / G19 / QSK19CumminsNew$110.0010
View Images PC-3003662Tube, Water Transfer K19 / G19 / QSK19CumminsNew$75.0010
View Images PC-3004716Tube, Water Transfer K19 / G19 / QSK19CumminsNew$80.009
View Images PC-3036088Exhaust Manifold, Water Cooled, KT1150/19KT1150 / KT19CumminsNew$1,075.0016
View Images PC-3023510Flywheel Assy., SAE # 1, Ind/MarineNT / NH / N14CumminsNew$800.006
View Images PC-3005557Housing, Flywheel, NTA-855MNT / NH / N14CumminsNew$995.001
View Images PC-3064209Support, Thermostat HousingNT / NHCumminsNew$275.0039
View Images PC-3009459Tube, Water BypassNT / NHCumminsNew$105.0042
View Images 3802202Injector Kit, BoschSeries 6C8.3CumminsNew$120.0073
View Images 202891Flange, CrankshaftSeries 855 / NH220CumminsNew$100.0018
View Images 3046281Injector, Top-StopSeries 855CumminsNew$150.0017
View Images S3821572Oil Pump, NH BC, DFC Sgl Series 855CumminsNew/Surplus$438.821
View Images PC-3936318Fuel Transfer PumpSeries B & CCumminsNew$45.005
View Images ST1243Driver, Con-Rod BushingV903CumminsNew$150.0034
View Images 3019287Kit, Engine PistonV903CumminsNew$150.008
View Images AR12190Lever, RockerV903CumminsNew$24.95164
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