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Oil Pumps Listing

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Part No. Description Model Brand Serial Condition Price QOH
View Images 23512618Oil Pump*Series 50Detroit DieselNew$1,200.001
View Images 5116110Oil Pump, 3-53Series 53Detroit DieselNew$693.842
R5116110Oil Pump, 3-53Series 53Detroit DieselReman$651.770
8925020Oil Pump, 8V149 R.H.Series 149Detroit DieselNew$3,414.570
23514879Oil Pump, 20V149 L.H.Series 149Detroit DieselNew$3,326.260
23514076Oil Pump, 20V149Series 149Detroit DieselNew$3,455.380
23514876Oil Pump, 149Series 149Detroit DieselNew$3,415.820
0021803201Oil Pump, 8V4000Series 4000Detroit DieselNew$2,617.930
View Images E0021803401Oil Pump, 16V4000*Series 4000Detroit DieselReman$2,071.741
View Images RR5117608Oil Pump, 6/8V71/92 L.H.Detroit Diesel$1,299.151
View Images 5129876Oil Pump, 12/16V71/92 R.H., w/GearDetroit Diesel$4,905.611
View Images 5122233Oil Pump, 12V71 Single SuctionDetroit Diesel$2,629.671
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