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Detroit Diesel Engine Installation Drawings

53 Series EnginesV92 Series Engines
5033-83003-53T RD Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8082-74918V92TA RC Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion
5033-83013-53T RD Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8082-7B228V92TA RC DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.
5043-83014-53T RD Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8083-73008V92TA RC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
5047-83844-53T RD Automotive8083-74008V92TA RC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
5062-53016V53T RA Heat Exchanged Marine8083-74058V92TA RC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
5063-53006V53T RA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8083-74168V92TTA RC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
5063-539A6V53T RA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8083-74998V92TA RC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
5063-539C6V53T RA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8122-740012V92TA RC Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion
5063-539D6V53T RA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8122-740112V92TA RC Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion
5063-539X6V53T RA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8122-740212V92TA RC Marine Propulsion w/Frt. PTO
5067-73846V53T RC Automotive8122-7B0112V92TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion
Inline 71 Series Engines8122-7K2012V92TA DDEC - 640 bhp @ 1800 rpm
1042-53004-71T RA Pleasurecraft Marine, Starboard8122-7K2212V92TA DDEC Marine Propulsion
1042-73004-71T RC Pleasurecraft Marine, Port8123-740012V92TA Industrial Fan to Flywheel
1042-7K204-71TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine8123-741612V92TA Industrial Fan to Flywheel
1043-73054-71T RC Heat Exchanged Gen Set8162-740016V92TA Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion
1043-73164-71T RC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8162-7B0016V92TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.
1043-7K174-71TA DDEC RC Heat Exchanged Gen Set8162-7K0016V92TA DDEC Heat Exchnaged Marine Prop.
1043-8K324-71TA DDEC RC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel8163-730516V92TA Radiator Cooled Generator Set
1062-53006-71T RA Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion8163-740516V92TA Industrial Fan to Flywheel
1062-56206-71TA RA Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion8163-741616V92TA Industrial Fan to Flywheel
1062-76206-71TA RC Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion149 Series Engines
1063-73056-71T RC Radiator Cooled Gen Set9083-7C118V149TIB DDEC Industrial Fan to Flywheel
1067-8B006-71TA DDEC RD Automotive9122-7C0012V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.
V71 Series Engines9122-7C0212V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.
7083-76998V71TT Industrial9122-7C1012V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.
7122-760012V71TA Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion9122-7C2012V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.
7122-760112V71TA Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion9122-7C2212V71TA Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion
7122-760212V71TA Marine Propulsion w/Frt. PTO9123-730112V149TIB Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
7122-760312V71TA Marine Propulsion9123-730612V149TIB Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
7123-740012V71TA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel9123-741112V149TIB Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
7123-740512V71TA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel9123-741612V149TIB Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
7123-740612V71TA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel9123-7C1112V149TIB DDEC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
7163-740016V71TA Industrial - 760 bhp @ 2100 rpm9162-741116V149TIB Heat Exchanged Marine
7243-740624V71TA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel9162-7C0216V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine
7242-7K0024V71TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.9162-7C0316V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine
V92 Series Engines9162-7C1016V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine
8062-34036V92TA LC Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion9162-7C1116V149TIB DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine
8062-74036V92TA RC Heat Exchanged Marine Propulsion9162-7C2016V149TIB DDEC Keel Cooled Marine
8062-74066V92TA Heat Exch. Marine Prop. w/Frt. PTO9163-731616V149TIB Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8062-7B006V92TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.9163-741116V149TIB Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8062-7K106V92TIA Marine - 625 bhp @ 2300 rpm9163-741616V149TIB Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8062-7K206V92TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.9163-7C1116V149TIB DDEC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8062-7K226V92TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.9203-7C1120V149TIB DDEC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8062-7K906V92TA DDEC Heat Exchanged Marine Prop.8.2 Liter Engines
8063-73006V92TA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel4082-83008.2L Turbocharged Marine
8063-74006V92TA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel4082-83018.2L Turbocharged Marine
8063-74056V92TA Industrial, Fan to Flywheel4083-73668.2L Turbocharged Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8063-7B326V92TA DDEC Industrial, Fan to Flywheel4087-73368.2L Turbocharged Automotive
8067-78406V92TA RC Automotive60 Series Engines
8067-3A2M6V92TA DDEC LC Automotive6063-GK6060 Series 12.7L DDECIII Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8067-3B216V92TA DDEC LC Automotive6063-GU6060 Series 12.7L DDECII, Industrial, Fan to flywheel
8067-7B286V92TA DDEC RC Automotive6063-WK3260 Series 11L DDECIII, Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8082-34008V92TA LC Heat Exchanged Marine6063-WK6060 Series 11L DDECIII, Industrial, Fan to Flywheel
8082-74008V92TA RC Heat Exchanged Marine6067-GU6060 Series 12.7L DDECII, Automotive
8082-74028V92TA RC Heat Exchanged Marine6067-WK2860 Series 11L DDECIII, Automotive
8082-74038V92TA RC Marine Propulsion w/Frt. PTO6067-WK6060 Series 11L DDECIII, Automotive