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General Information


PCI E-Parts Catalogs are designed to identify the major components, assemblies and kits used in Detroit Diesel engines.

PCI E-Parts Catalogs are arranged in a group number sequence. A group number index, as well as an alphabetical index is provided to assist navigation. Each catalog page includes a group number and heading, which applies to all parts shown on the page. In almost all cases an illustrated drawing is available on the left side of the web page. When accessed it will open an additional window showing reference numbers to help identify the correct parts. In those instances where the part number listing for a group exceeds that particular page, the listing will be carried over to the next page.

Detroit Diesel Numbering System

P C Industries supplies both Genuine and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Replacement parts for Detroit Diesel engines. We utilize the same numbering system as Detroit Diesel. A “PC“ prefix identifies the part to be an OEM Replacement part. An “R” prefix identifies the part to be a Powerline Components® remanufactured part. An “RR” prefix identifies the part to be a Genuine Reliabilt® remanufactured part. A “U” or a “C” prefix identifies the part to be a qualified used or rebuildable part. All part numbers with an "E" prefix and no prefix are new Genuine Detroit Diesel parts.

Ordering Parts

PCI E-Parts Catalogs allow products to be added to your order, while searching for your requirements. The displayed price will be the lowest depending on what is available for the part number. Selecting the “BUY” button on a part number that has multiple choices (genuine, OEM replacement, reman or used parts) will display the "Pricing and Selection" screen. It will show pricing on everything available for that particular item and allow you to make a choice. If there is only one selection available, you will be taken to an order screen listing your selection and allowing you to change the quantity, continue shopping or place the order. After placing an order, make sure that your email address and other contact information is listed correctly so that we may contact you with the status of your order.

Obsolete and Replacement Part Numbers

Since the discontinuance of all Detroit Diesel 2 cycle engines in 2000, many part numbers have been put on an Obsolete status by DDC and are supposedly no longer supported. Due to the worldwide demand for power this could change for some part numbers. For reference purposes, our catalog will show which part numbers are Obsolete, along with part numbers that are Not Sold Separately (part of an assembly), and part numbers that have multiple replacements. When selecting the "BUY" button on part numbers having multiple replacements, all of the replacement part numbers and prices will be automatically listed on your order.

Core Charges on Remanufactured Parts

Remanufactured parts have Core Charges associated with them. The “R” or "RR" part number is for the remanufactured part and the “C” part number is for the rebuildable core. To purchase these items without first sending in the old rebuildable part, you must pay both prices. Both prices constitute an outright price. If the old parts are rebuildable and returned within 60 days of the invoice date, we will refund the core charge (price of the “C” part number) to you. This also applies to part numbers that have an "E" prefix.

All cylinder blocks having the prefix of "R" or "U" and crankshafts having the prefix of "R" do not have a core charge associated with them. All pricing on those items are for outright purchases with no core due. Cylinder blocks with a "U" prefix are from non-failed engines and have been magnafluxed, pressure tested and all main caps are checked to ensure they are tight. Any and all additional inspection and machining will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Cylinder blocks with an "R" prefix are completely remanufactured and ready for assembly.

Kits & Assemblies

Components of some kits and assemblies are shown below the assembly number and are indented to indicate that those parts are included in the kit or assembly part. Components of overhaul gaskets sets, cylinder head gasket sets and blower installation kits are shown in group 12.8715, 12.8716 and 12.8717 respectively. All In-Frame and Out-Of-Frame overhaul kits are located in group 12.8718.

Part Info & Identification

Every effort has been made to provide sufficient and accurate information which will enable you to identify the parts required to service a specific engine. Our catalogs are NOT intended to replace OEM catalogs. It may be necessary to check the Data Option Plate and refer to additional Detroit Diesel reference material to properly identify the correct replacement part for your application.

We have also included a list of abbreviations on all catalog pages to aid in identification . Take note that the majority of all Bright Red Text is a link to another page. Enjoy!