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Part No. Description Model Brand Serial Condition Price QOH
View Images G5107076Gear, Gov. Dr., RH Helix, 56 T3-53 / 4-53Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$100.0018
View Images G5107127Governor, 3/4-53 A/B DWLS3-53 / 4-53Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$975.0026
View Images G5149976Tube & Lever Asm.3-53 RA/LADetroit DieselNew/Take-Off$70.0027
View Images G5127266Adaptor53, 71, 92 & 149Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$22.0014
View Images G5140814Spacer53, 71, 92 & 149Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$18.0019
View Images 23512618Oil Pump*Series 50Detroit DieselNew$1,200.001
View Images 51493894-53 Block KitSeries 53Detroit DieselNew$3,000.003
View Images G5121050AdaptorSeries 53Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$65.0011
View Images RR5139306Blower, 3-53, L.H. Old StyleSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$746.796
View Images 5106298Blower Rotor, 6V53TSeries 53Detroit DieselNew$350.00119
View Images 5198983Cam Bearing Set, 6V53Series 53Detroit DieselNew$300.00137
View Images G5149093Camshaft, 3-53 R.H. Low LiftSeries 53Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$475.004
View Images J-29588Con-Rod ReamerSeries 53Kent-MooreNew$1,250.001
View Images G5107769DiscSeries 53Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$200.001
View Images G5145773Fan AsmSeries 53Detroit DieselNew/Take-Off$75.0034
View Images 23512587Cylinder Block, Center Section20V149Detroit Diesel1298068New$21,500.001
View Images 5138282Rotor Asm, LH Helix, 8/16V149Series 149Detroit DieselNew$875.007
View Images 5139168Rotor Asm, RH Helix, 8/16V149Series 149Detroit DieselNew$1,050.002
View Images 23524349Ring Set, Piston Wide GapDetroit Diesel$70.00146
View Images G8925876Support, Fan MountDetroit Diesel$15.0067
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