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Part No. Description Model Brand Serial Condition Price QOH
View Images R5139923Blower, 2-53 C/D, w/ Auto ShutdownSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$641.041
View Images R5139511Blower, 2-53 C/D, w/o Auto ShutdownSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$641.041
View Images R5107536Blower, 3-53, L.H. New Style (Quiet Gears)Series 53Detroit DieselReman$852.936
View Images R5139306Blower, 3-53, L.H. Old StyleSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$852.934
View Images RR5139306Blower, 3-53, L.H. Old StyleSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$746.796
View Images R5107535Blower, 3-53, R.H. New Style (Quiet Gears)Series 53Detroit DieselReman$852.935
View Images R5139305Blower, 3-53, R.H. Old StyleSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$852.935
R8924571Blower, 3-53T BypassSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$791.540
View Images R23505079Blower, 3-53T Mini By-PassSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$822.171
R8922281Blower, 3-53TSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$737.030
View Images R5107531Blower, 4-53 A/BSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$641.046
View Images R5107532Blower, 4-53 C/DSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$641.046
R8922312Blower, 4-53T A/BSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$733.071
View Images R8927895FBlower, 8/16V149 FrontSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$2,274.443
View Images R8927896FBlower, 12V149 FrontSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$2,274.441
View Images R8927896RBlower, 12V149 RearSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$2,274.442
R8927898Blower, 12V149 RearSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$2,274.440
View Images R8927895RBlower, 16V149 RearSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$2,274.443
View Images 23516743Blower AsmDetroit DieselNew$3,405.741
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