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60 Turbochargers Listing

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Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
RR23528029Turbocharger, 11L S60, AR 1.15Series 60Detroit DieselReman$1,502.410
23515894Turbocharger, 11L S60, AR 1.22Series 60Detroit DieselNew$2,301.630
53319707112Turbocharger, 11L S60, AR 22.2 Low MountSeries 60Detroit DieselNew$712.710
RR23508405Turbocharger, 11L S60, TV4502 AR 1.22Series 60Detroit DieselReman$1,167.320
RR23534774Turbocharger, 12.7L S60, AR 1.72Series 60Detroit DieselReman$2,451.350
RR23534776Turbocharger, 12.7L S60, AR 1.72Series 60Detroit DieselReman$2,697.640
RR23536348Turbocharger, 14L S60, AR 1.27Series 60Detroit DieselReman$2,124.710
RR23534775Turbocharger, 14L S60, AR 1.72Series 60Detroit DieselReman$2,692.480
RR23534777Turbocharger, 14L S60, AR 1.72Series 60Detroit DieselReman$2,614.050
23518597Turbocharger, AR 1.34 Low MountSeries 60Detroit DieselNew$1,118.680
View Images PC-23523197Turbocharger, AR 1.34Series 60Detroit DieselNew$1,164.710
RR23518588Turbocharger, AR 1.34Series 60Detroit DieselReman$1,010.910
RR23524076Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.13Series 60Detroit DieselReman$2,391.220
RR23528060Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.15 Low MountSeries 60Detroit DieselReman$1,126.380
RR23525869Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.27Series 60Detroit DieselReman$1,247.890
RR23528068Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.28 Dual BypassSeries 60Detroit DieselReman$3,539.540
PC-23525463Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.28 Mid MountSeries 60Detroit DieselNew$1,068.281
PC-23525464Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.28Series 60Detroit DieselNew$1,205.600
RR23525462Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.28Series 60Detroit DieselReman$1,478.490
View Images R23515635Turbocharger, S60, AR 1.34Series 60Detroit DieselReman$1,012.201
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