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Special Service Tools
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Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
View Images ST1243Driver, Con-Rod BushingV903CumminsNew$150.0034
View Images J-22412-AInj. Timing Gauge - 2.175*Detroit Diesel$59.912
View Images J-24283-ATiming Gage*Detroit Diesel$274.031
View Images J-28779.365 Rack GaugeKent-Moore$221.651
View Images J-49373Bearing Cap PullerKent-MooreNew$433.651
View Images J-48671Breakout Box*Kent-MooreNew$828.491
View Images J-24565-3ClampKent-Moore$172.500
View Images J-49107Connector Repair Kit*Kent-MooreNew$1,740.621
View Images J-34930-ACrankshaft Position T*Kent-MooreNew$1,502.411
View Images J-45723-1Cutter Bit*Kent-Moore$63.275
View Images J-47407-128UPDCylinder Liner Tool*Kent-Moore$1,019.721
View Images PC-J-29066Gauge, Timing, 1.490Kent-Moore$43.262
View Images PC-J-1853Injector Timing Gauge, 1.460Kent-Moore$15.598
View Images PC-J-1242Injector Timing Gauge, 1.484Kent-Moore$20.400
View Images J-47387-AInjector Tip Installer*Kent-MooreNew$275.521
View Images J-5286-4CInjector Tube Installer*Kent-MooreNew$337.2812
View Images J-24236Inj Timing Gage 1.470Kent-Moore$38.2832
View Images PC-J-9595Inj Timing Gage 1.496Kent-Moore$16.001
View Images PC-J-39697Inj Timing Gage 78.8Kent-Moore$52.151
View Images J-46302-1Instal Guide*Kent-Moore$26.601
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