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Series V 71 Detroit Diesel Engines

VARIABLE SPEED GOVERNOR - groups: 2.7001 - 2.7045

V71_variable_governor_pg66-70.jpg - Diagram
Page: 66
Part No. Description Group Ref#6V8V12V16V Price QOH
To Identify The Correct Variable Speed Governor Assembly,
Contact PC Industries With Engine Serial Number
Details 5102820 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/RA/RA/R$1,851.780
Details 5102825 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/RA/RA/R$2,345.040
Details 5102921 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/R$2,955.320
Details 5102923 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/RA/RA/R$1,440.580
Details 5102924 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/RA/RA/R$2,395.270
Details 5102925 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/RA/RA/R$2,383.080
Details 5102926 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/R$1,994.640
5102929 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed (OBSOLETE) 2.700100A/RA/RA/ROBSOLETE0
Details 5102930 Governor Assembly, Single Weight Variable Speed 2.700100A/RA/RA/R$2,367.070
Details View Images 5179709 Washer, 1/4" (Copper) (2.7175) 2.700100A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.802142
Details View Images 5155596 Washer, 5/16" (Copper) (4.7120) 2.700100A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.451608
Details View Images 5122166 Plate, Governor Name 2.7002011122$5.3132
Details View Images 145369 Screw, #0-3/16" Round Head Drive (12.9067) 2.7002023366$0.6432
Details View Images 8924266 Gasket, Governor To Blower (3.4190) 2.7010031122$2.46106
Details View Images 5124333 Cover (On Cyl. Head), Governor Fuel Rod 2.7030042244$65.83313
Details View Images 5123812 Gasket, Governor Fuel Rod Cover (1.2060) 2.703005881616$0.341065
Details View Images 8924267 Hose, Governor Fuel Rod Cover To Cylinder Head 2.7030062244$2.15394
Details View Images 5104592 Clamp, Governor Fuel Rod Cover To Cylinder Head Hose (4.8120) 2.7030074488$2.15448
Details View Images 8921930 Bolt, 1/4"-20 X 3/4" (W/Seal Patch), Governor Fuel Rod Cover 2.70300016163232$0.85527
Details View Images 5102479 Cover Assy., Variable Limiting Speed Governor 2.704500A/RA/RA/RA/R$630.2468
Details 5102460 Cover Sub Assy., Governor (2.7050) 2.7045081A/RA/RA/R$153.530
Details View Images 8921472 Bushing Split, Throttle Shaft (2.7100) 2.7045001111$7.2917
Details 456390 Pin, 1/4" X 3/4" Roll (12.9275) 2.7045002222$6.120
Details 5176557 Seal Ring, Throttle Shaft (2.7140) 2.7045101122$2.2036
Details View Images 5144177 Retainer, Throttle Shaft Seal Ring (2.7150) 2.7045111122$5.4615
Details View Images 5153060 Retainer (Flat), Throttle Shaft Seal Ring (2.7150) 2.7045121122$0.9520
Details View Images 5174429 Retaining Ring, Throttle Shaft Seal Ring (2.7150) 2.7045131122$0.67623
Details View Images 5102464 Shaft Assy., Governor Throttle (2.7095) 2.7045001A/RA/RA/R$98.6115
Details 5102462 Shaft Sub Assy., Governor Throttle (2.7095) 2.7045141122$39.270
Details View Images 455297 Pin, 5/32" X 7/8" Spring (12.9270) 2.7045151122$1.8940
Details View Images 5102466 Shaft Assy., Governor Shutdown (2.7115) 2.7045001A/RA/RA/R$52.008
Details View Images 5143146 Shaft & Lever., Governor Cover Shutdown (2.7115) 2.7045001A/RA/RA/R$20.0936
Details View Images 5127213 Spring, Governor Shutdown Shaft (2.7117) 2.7045001A/RA/RA/R$10.960
Details View Images 5101691 Seal Ring, Governor Shutdown Shaft (2.7140) 2.7045001A/RA/RA/R$1.4010
Details View Images 5144178 Retainer, Governor Shutdown Shaft Seal Ring (2.7430) 2.7045001A/RA/RA/R$2.7117
Details View Images 5151487 Retainer (Flat), Governor Shutdown Shaft Seal Ring (2.7430) 2.7045001122$0.74100
Details View Images 5178581 Retaining Ring, Governor Shutdown Shaft Seal Ring (2.7430) 2.7045001A/RA/RA/R$0.42280

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