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John Deere Abbreviations & Symbols

& And Ea Each Nat. Asp. Naturally Aspirated
2WD Two Wheel Drive Ecc Eccentric Neg. Negative
4WD Four Wheel Drive ECM Electronic Computer Module Neut Neutral
A.I.R. Air Injector Reactor ECM Electronic Control Module No. Number
A/C Air Conditioner ECM Engine Control Module Nom Nominal
A/R As Required Econ Economy Norm Normal
A/T Automatic Transmission ECS Electronic Controlled Spark O.A.L. Overall Length
ABS Anti-lock Brake System EFI Electronic Fuel Injection O.E. Original Equipment
AC Alternating Current Elec Electric O/D Overdrive
Acc Accessory Emis. Emission O/S Oversized
Adj. Adjustable Eng. Engine Obs Obsolete
Adv. Advance Equip Equipment OD Outside Diameter
Aft After Etc Et Cetera OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
Alt Altitude Exc Except OHC Overhead Cam
Alum Aluminum Exh Exhaust OHV Overhead Valve
Amp Ampere Exp Export Opt. Optional
AOD Automatic Overdrive Ext Exterior Orig. Original
Appl. Application Ext External oz Ounce
Approx. Approximately F Fahrenheit P.T.O. Power Take Off
Asst. Assist Fed Federal P/S Power Steering
Assy. Assembly FI Fuel Injection Pass Passenger
ATV All Terrain Vehicle Flex Flexible Pc(s) Piece(s)
Auto Automatic Flg Flange PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation
Auto. Trans. Automatic Transmission Flwr Follower Perf. Performance
Aux. Auxiliary Frg Forged or Forging Pkg Package
Avail. Available Frt Front Pos Positive
Avg. Average FWD Front Wheel Drive Prem Premium
AWD All Wheel Drive Gal Gallon Pri Primary
Bal. Balance Gas Gasoline PSI Pound Per Square Inch
Batt Battery GPH Gallons Per Hour Pwr Power
Bbl Barrel GPM Gallons Per Minute Qtr. Quarter
Bbl. Carb. Barrel Carburetor Grv(s) Groove(s) Qty. Quantity
Bef. Before Gskt. Gasket R.B.P. Ring Below Pin
Brg. Bearing GVW Gross Vehicle Weight R.H. Right Hand
Brkt. Bracket H/D Heavy Duty Ref. Reference
C Celsius Hd Head Reg Regular
C.I. Cast Iron HEI High Energy Ignition Reman Remanufactured
C.R. Compression Ratio Hi High Req'd Required
C/L Centerline Hi. Alt High Altitude Rev Revision
Calib. Calibration Hi-Perf High Performance Rev. Rot. Reverse Rotation
Calif. California Hi-Temp High Temperature Rlr Roller
Cam Camshaft HO High Output RMB Rear Main Bearing
Can Canada Horiz Horizontal Rot. Rotation
Carb Carburetor HP Horsepower RPM Revolutions Per Minute
Cat Catalytic HSC High Swirl Combustion Rr Rear
cc Cubic Centimeter Hyd Hydraulic RWD Rear Wheel Drive
CCW Counter Clockwise I/C Intercooler S/C Supercharged
CD Compression Distance I.D. Identification Seal. Rings. Sealing Rings
CFFI Cross Fire Injection ID Inside Diameter Ser Serial or Series
CFI Central Fuel Injection IDI Indirect Injection Ser No. Serial Number
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute In. Frm In Frame SFI Sequential Fuel Injection
CID Cubic Inch (Displacement) In Inch Slv Sleeve
Cld Cooled Incl Includes SOHC Single Overhead Cam
Clg Cooling Ind Industrial Spd Speed
Clr Cooler Inj. Injection Spec Special
cm Centimeter Int Intake Sta. Station
Cntr. Bore Counter Bore Inter Intermediate Std. Standard
Compl Complete L Liter Sys System
Con. Rod Connecting Rod L.H. Left Hand T/C Turbocharged
Cruise Cruise Control L/D Light Duty Tach Tachometer
Ctr. Center Lgth. Length TBI Throttle Body Injection
CW Clockwise LPG Liquid Propane Gas Temp. Temperature
Cyl. Cylinder M/D Medium Duty TPI Turned Port Injection
Cyl. Head Cylinder Head M/T Manual Transmission Trans. Transmission
DC Direct Current Man Manual Trk Truck
Deg. Degree Man. Trans. Manual Transmission TTY Torque-to-Yield
DFI Digital Fuel Injection Max. Maximum TURBO Turbocharged
DI Direct Injection Mech Mechanical U/S Under Size
Dia Diameter MFI Multi-Port Fuel Injection Veh. Vehicle
Dim Dimension Min. Minimum VIN Vehicle Identification Number
Dir. Inj. Direct Injection mm Millimeters VIV Valve
Disc. Discontinued MPH Miles Per Hour VSS Valve Stem Seal
Dist. Distributor Mtl Material w/ With
DOHC Dual Overhead Camshaft N/A Not Available w/o Without
Dr Door to Drive N/R Not Required Wagon Station Wagon
E.E.C. Electronic Engine Control Nat Natural Wt. Weight
E.I.S. Electronic Ignition System