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Suffix Abbreviation Explanations on Reman Products

Reliabilt ® Cylinder Heads
AAir Cooled
ACAir to Air Aftercooled
AMAir Cooled, New Valves
CCCeramic Coated
HHigh Lift Valve Springs
HJHigh Lift w/Jake
IIntercooled Valves
IMNew Intercooled Valves
LLow Lift Valve Springs
MNew Valves
MEMethanol Engine
NNaturally Aspirated
NCNatural Coach
NPNatural Pancake
TCTurbo Coach
TMTurbocharged, New Valves
TPTurbo Pancake
Reliabilt ® Crankshafts
Reliabilt ® Turbocharger
Reliabilt ® Injectors
EEight Pack
SSix Pack
Powerline Components ® Injectors
HPremium Marine
PNew Tip w/ New Plunger & Bushing
TNew Tip
VHigh Load Spring
Powerline Components ® Blowers
FFront Application
RRear Application

PCI remanufactured cylinder heads are complete with all hardware (cam followers, push rods, rocker arms, etc.) unless there is a "V" in the part number. New exhaust valves in all "V" part numbered heads.

Powerline Components ® Cylinder Heads
HHigh Lift Valve Springs
LLow Lift Valve Springs
MIntercooled Valves & 92 Inj. Rocker Arms
TTurbocharged & Natually Aspirated
VValves & Springs Only
VHV&S, High Lift Valve Springs
VLV&S, Low Lift Valve Springs
VMV&S, Intercooled Valves