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Series 4000 Detroit Diesel Engines

WATER MANIFOLD - groups 5.2043 - 5.2045

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Part No. Description Group Ref#8V12V16V20V Price QOH
Details 700429063000 O-Ring, 63x5 5.20436A/RA/RA/RA/R$6.330
Details View Images 700429083000 O-Ring, 83x5 5.20432A/RA/RA/RA/R$9.930
Details View Images 700429085002 O-Ring, 85x6 5.20434A/RA/RA/RA/R$7.570
Details 5242002058 Tube, Vent 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$168.740
Details 5242002158 Tube, Vent 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$140.550
Details 5242002358 Tube, Vent 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$267.610
Details 5242002751 Tube 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$326.140
Details 5242008351 Tube, Water 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$55.570
Details 5242008451 Tube, Water 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$67.020
Details 5242008551 Tube, Water 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$40.530
Details 5242008651 Tube, Water 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$76.790
Details View Images 5242032253 Tube, 98x240 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$106.840
Details 5242001118 Elbow, w/Flange 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$456.150
Details 5242030039 Flange 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$139.790
Details 5242030139 Flange 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$61.270
Details 5242030340 Support, Mounting Holder 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$16.590
Details 5130913 Bracket 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$11.010
Details 5134455 Clip, Inlet Pipe Support 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$17.570
Details View Images 5242000184 Connecting Piece, 25x20 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$52.870
Details 5249971772 Fitting, M14x1.5x9/16-18 Tee 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$145.250
Details 5249971472 Fitting, M14x1.5x9/16-18 Tee 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$88.990
Details 5249971972 Fitting, 90 Deg. M14x1.5x9/16-18 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$69.310
Details View Images 0049976736 Drain Valve 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$62.260
Details 700429100000 O-Ring, 100x5 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$7.070
Details View Images 700429120002 O-Ring, 120x6 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$10.640
Details View Images 5163538 Clip, 3/16" Tube 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$3.060
Details View Images 700223010000 Bolt, A12 Banjo 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$32.670
Details 23517272 Screw, M6x1x12 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$7.110
Details View Images 007603018101 Washer, A18x22 Copper 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.490
Details View Images 120393 Washer, 5/16" 5.2045A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.300

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