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Series 4000 Detroit Diesel Engines

ALTERNATOR - groups 7.1555 - 7.1580

S4000-Pg182-185.jpg - Diagram
Page: 183
Part No. Description Group 8V12V16V20V Price QOH
Details 0001501327 Coupling
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Details 0001501927 Coupling
Superceded... Click 'Details' for replacement.
Details 700930080025 Screw
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Details 000912008019 Screw
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Details 000912008203 Screw 7.1555A/RA/RA/RA/R$3.600
Details View Images 23540397 Belt, Alternator 7.1575A/RA/RA/RA/R$58.100
Details View Images 5249970192 V-Belt, Alternator, 12/16V 7.1575A/RA/RA/RA/R$43.930
Details 5249970592 V-Belt, Alternator 7.1575A/RA/RA/RA/R$70.370
Details 5241550020 Strap, Alternator 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$178.510
Details 5241500068 Tensioner, Alternator
Superceded... Click 'Details' for replacement.
Details 5241500468 Tensioner, Alternator 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$5,966.760
Details 5241540076 Bracket, Alternator Tension Adjusting Rod 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$51.980
Details View Images 23511669 Link, Adjusting Rod 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$33.290
Details View Images 23511670 Rod, M16x2x254 Alternator Adjusting 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$75.521
Details View Images 103345 Washer, 5/8x1.325x0.097 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.530
Details 5146538 Stud, 2.32" L. 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$7.790
Details 000931010304 Screw 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$3.230
Details View Images 11505299 Bolt, M10x1.5x30mm 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$1.5516
Details 000912012068 Bolt, M12x45 Hex 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$3.850
Details 000933010149 Bolt, M10x65 Hex 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$1.420
Details 191268 Bolt, 1/2"-13x6.5" 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$9.770
Details View Images 23505050 Bolt, M10x1.5x85 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$3.128
Details View Images 23505062 Bolt, M10x1.5x40 Hex 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$2.241
Details 23511766 Bolt 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$87.300
Details View Images 442733 Bolt, 1/2"-13x1.25" 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$2.1116
Details 5249901401 Bolt 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$3.000
Details View Images 9427945 Bolt, 1/2"-13x6.25" 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$11.861
Details View Images 5132715 Washer, .53"x.94"x.12" 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$1.8842
Details 006796012100 Washer, Conical Spring 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$1.290
Details View Images 735151010100 Washer, A10.5 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$4.970
Details 000125017014 Washer 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.250
Details View Images 000934010005 Nut, Hex 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.250
Details 000934016019 Nut, M16 Hex 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.770
Details View Images 11501055 Nut, M16x2 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$2.390
Details View Images 11506101 Nut, M10x1.5 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.556
Details 120378 Nut, 1/2"-13 7.1580A/RA/RA/RA/R$19.470

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