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Industrial Engine Model 6068D
Litre Engine
6.8L 414 (6784cc) OHV Diesel L6 106.5mm Bore

117.jpg - Diagram
Page: 117
Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details PC-R121867 Liner, W/O Sealing Rings, Std. Pstn/Liner16$81.500
Details PC-RE500024 Liner, W/Sealing Rings, Std. Pstn/Liner16$93.930
Details View Images PC-RE28966 Cylinder Kit Complete, Std.; 1.62" Pin Dia. Pstn/Liner116$208.690
Details View Images PC-AR65507 Cylinder Liner Sealing Ring Kit Pstn/Liner66$19.803
Details PC-RE28919 Piston Body, W/O Pin, Std.; Hi-Ring; 1.62" Pin Dia. Pstn/Liner26$129.280
Details PC-RE28919-WP Piston Kit; W/Pin & Retainers; Hi-Ring Pstn/Liner166$139.680
Details PC-R124230 Piston Pin; Hi-Ring; 1.62" Pin Dia. Pstn/Liner36$21.610
Details PC-R54114 Piston Pin Retainer; Hi-Ring; For 1.62" Pin Dia. Pstn/Liner412$1.400
Details View Images PC-R57451 Piston Pin Bushing; W/Con. Rod Marked R56187, R58979, R80032, R113612;
Pin Dia. 1.62"; 1.621" ID, 1.813" OD, 1.370" O.A.L.
Details PC-R74195 Con. Rod Bolt; W/Con. Rod Marked R54617, R56187, R116851; Torque-To-Yield Bolt;
Replacement Recommended
Details View Images PC-AR97517 Rod Bearing Pair, Std. Pstn/Liner136$19.2518
Details View Images PC-AR97653 Rod Bearing Pair, 10 Pstn/Liner136$19.250
Details View Images PC-AR97654 Rod Bearing Pair, 20 Pstn/Liner136$19.250
Details View Images PC-AR97655 Rod Bearing Pair, 30 Pstn/Liner136$19.250
Details View Images PC-RE66820 Ring Set, Single Cylinder, Std.; Exc. Hi-Ring; 1-1/8, 1-3/32, 1-.136; (1 Cyl. Set) Pstn/Liner56$35.410
Details PC-6068DIFK In-Frame Overhaul Kit; W/Con. Rod Marked R54617, R56187, R116851;
W/Flangeless Thrust Bearing; Including Torque-To-Yield Con. Rod Bolts
O/H Kits01$892.50KIT
Details PC-6068DOHK Complete Overhaul Kit; From Serial # 100,000; To Serial # 499,999; W/Con. Rod
Marked R56187; Piston Pin Dia. 1.62"; W/Flangeless Thrust Bearing; Including
Front & Rear Seals; Crankshaft Code 4701; Crankshaft Marked R104523,
R121027; Including Torque-To-Yield Con. Rod Bolts
O/H Kits01$937.50KIT

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