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Off Highway Engine Model 3152D
Standard Engine
2.5L 152 Diesel L3 3.8583" Bore

179-180.jpg - Diagram
Page: 177
Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details PC-T32340 Liner, W/O Sealing Rings, Std.; O-Rings In Block Pstn/Liner13$60.420
Details PC-R48635 Liner, W/O Sealing Rings, Std.; To Serial # 154,765; O-Rings On Liner Pstn/Liner13$78.510
Details PC-AR51902 Liner, W/Sealing Rings, Std. Pstn/Liner13$98.580
Details PC-T32340-WS Liner, W/Sealing Rings, Std.; From Serial # 154,766 Pstn/Liner13$95.130
Details PC-AR71591 Cylinder Kit Complete; W/Con. Rod Marked T20007, R81410; From Serial #
154,766; Contains PC-T32340WS Liner; O-rings In Block
Details PC-CK3481-8635 Cylinder Kit Complete, Std.; W/Con. Rod Marked T20007, R81410; To Serial #
154,765; Contains PC-AR51902 Liner; O-rings On Liner
Details PC-AR71617 Cylinder Liner Sealing Ring Kit Pstn/Liner63$10.690
Details PC-R48767 Sealing Ring, Liner, Rectangle; Top Pstn/Liner83$3.850
Details PC-R48637 Sealing Ring, Liner; To Serial # 154,765; Rectangle; Top & Bottom Pstn/Liner73$3.780
Details PC-R48638 Sealing Ring, Liner; To Serial # 154,765; Round Pstn/Liner93$2.710
Details PC-T23481 Piston Body, W/O Pin Pstn/Liner23$81.450
Details PC-T23482 Piston Pin Pstn/Liner33$25.140
Details PC-R51112 Piston Pin Retainer Pstn/Liner46$1.090
Details PC-T23471 Piston Pin Bushing; W/Con. Rod Marked R81410, T20007; 1.1896" ID, 1.313"
OD, 1.570" O.A.L.
Details PC-R80033 Con. Rod Bolt; W/Con. Rod Marked R80032, R80034, R81410, R105011,
R113612; Torque-To-Yield Bolt; Replacement Recommended
Details PC-R74194 Con. Rod Bolt; W/Con. Rod Marked T20007, R51727, R58979; Torque-To-Yield
Bolt; Replacement Recommended

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