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In-Frame Overhaul Kits - 6 Cylinder, Series 300 Engines
D = Natural Aspirated, T = Turbocharged,
E = Early Model, L = Late Model, M = Mid Model
ESN = Engine Serial Number

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Part No. Description Group 6-3036-3296-3596-41460596068 Price QOH
Details PC-303EORLIFK 6-303 In-Frame O/H Kit, Early Eng. w/O-Rings
On Liner, Block Casting #'s T24967 or T24968.
John DeereA/R$998.75KIT
Details PC-303LIFK 6-303 In-Frame O/H Kit, Late Eng., w/O-Rings
in Block. Block Casting #'s R53260, R55035,
R55351, R72970, R79280 or T32346.
John DeereA/R$997.64KIT
Details PC-329EORLIFK 6-329 In-Frame O/H Kit, Early Eng., w/O-Rings
On Liner.
John DeereA/R$1,193.71KIT
Details PC-329LIFK 6-329 In-Frame Kit, Late Eng., From S/N
277,549, w/1.38" Piston Pin.
John DeereA/R$944.66KIT
Details PC-329MIFK 6-329 In-Frame Kit, Mid Eng., To S/N 277,548,
w/O-Rings In Block, 1.19" Piston Pin.
John DeereA/R$963.77KIT
Details PC-359DIFK 6-359D / 6059D In-Frame O/H Kit, Nat.
Aspirated Engines.
John DeereA/RA/R$987.22KIT
Details PC-359TIFK 6-359T / 6059T In-Frame O/H Kit,
Turbocharged Engines.
John DeereA/RA/R$992.99KIT
Details PC-414DIFK 6-414T In-Frame O/H Kit, Nat. Aspirated Engs. John DeereA/R$1,008.22KIT
Details PC-414TIFK 6-414D In-Frame O/H Kit, Turbocharged Engs. John DeereA/R$1,061.15KIT
Details PC-6068DIFK 6068D In-Frame O/H Kit, Nat. Aspirated Engs. John DeereA/R$1,188.50KIT
Details PC-6068TIFK 6068T In-Frame O/H Kit, Turbocharged Engs. John DeereA/R$1,185.00KIT
Details PC-IFKPT6068 6068 In-Frame O/H Kit, PowerTech, Turbo &
Nat. Aspirated Engs, Con-Rod Marked
R500000 & R123959.
John DeereA/R$1,420.95KIT

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