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Marine Engine Model 6081AFM & 6081AFM01
PowerTech 2 Valve AfterCooled
8.1L 496 (8129cc) OHV Turbo-Diesel L6 116mm Bore

31.jpg - Diagram
Page: 31
Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details View Images PC-R105346 Turbocharger Oil Drain Gasket; W/Turbo Oil Line Codes 6501, 6503, 6504, 6505,
6506, 6507, 6508, 6510, 6511, 6512, 6513, 6529, 6530, 6531
Fuel Sys.31$0.801
Details View Images PC-R89879 Turbocharger Mounting Gasket Fuel Sys.21$5.581
Details PC-R86743 O-Ring, Outer Coupling Fuel Sys.01$2.910
Details PC-R92097 Turbocharger Exhaust Valve / Intake Valve Seat Cover Gasket; Turbo Code 6514 Fuel Sys.21$9.080
Details PC-JD10329 Ball Bearing, Water Pump Fan Hub Shaft Bearing Cooling Sys.92$33.320
Details PC-R119383 Water Pump Gasket; W/Pump Housing Marked R119795; W/15 Tooth Gear;
High Flow
Cooling Sys.81$11.770
Details PC-R119383 Water Pump Gasket; W/Pump Housing Marked R119795; W/16 Tooth Gear;
Low Flow
Cooling Sys.81$11.770
PC-RE39134 Water Pump Oil Seal; W/Pump Codes 2001, 2004; W/Pump Housing Marked R119795 Cooling Sys.1310
Details PC-JD10058 Water Pump Hub; W/Fan Hub Bearing Codes 2305, 2306, 2335, 2336, 2337,
2338, 2339
Cooling Sys.211$57.200
PC-R98527 Water Pump Filter; W/Pump Housing Marked R119795 Cooling Sys.1510
Details View Images PC-AR48675 Thermostat; Thermostat Code 2204; 180 Deg. Cooling Sys.162$8.140
Details PC-R124211 Thermostat Gasket, Thermostat Housing To Cylinder Head Cooling Sys.191$6.700
PC-R46479 Thermostat Cover Gasket ;Thermostat Cover Codes 2102, 2114; Two Hole Cooling Sys.1710
Details View Images PC-R86062 Thermostat Housing To Water Manifold Gasket, Housing To Cylinder Head Cooling Sys.191$1.800
Details View Images PC-R88397 Water Manifold Mounting Gasket. Cooling Sys.182$2.300
Details View Images PC-R125670 Front Cover Gasket, Air Compressor To Timing Cover; Midland Or HolSet Cyl. Block01$2.860
Details PC-R119384 Front Cover Gasket, Timing Gear Cover Cyl. Block01$13.570
Details View Images PC-R49377 Oil Pan Gasket; W/Aluminum Pan; Oil Pan Codes 1906, 1909, 1914, 1916 Cyl. Block01$15.100
Details View Images PC-R71918 Oil Pan Gasket; W/Cast Iron Pan Cyl. Block01$23.330

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