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Off Highway Engine Model 6059D
Litre Engine
5.9L 359 (5884cc) OHV Diesel L6 106.5mm Bore

379.jpg - Diagram
Page: 339
Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details PC-R97351 Flywheel Housing Gasket Cyl. Block31$11.970
Details View Images PC-R97344 Oil Pan Gasket Cyl. Block21$16.060
Details PC-PG303PS Oil Pan Gasket Set Cyl. Block01$26.330
Details PC-PG302PS Oil Pan Gasket Set; From Serial # 362,801 Cyl. Block01$25.750
Details PC-U13639 O-Ring, Block Coolant Drain Plug Seal; Coolant Heater Codes 2601, 2602;
1.475" X .118"
Cyl. Block02$0.600
Details View Images PC-AR101549 Water Pump Oil Seal Kit; W/Pump Housing Marked R90783, R100871, R111028 Cyl. Block01$13.341
Details View Images PC-R131794 Block To End Plate, Front Gasket; Front Plate Codes 3601, 3602; R.H. Side Gear Drive Cyl. Block61$12.160
Details View Images PC-R131794 Block To End Plate, Front Gasket, RePower Engines; Front Plate Codes 3604, 3695 Cyl. Block61$12.160
Details PC-PG359S In-Frame Gasket Set Cyl. Block01$122.420
Details View Images PC-RE38858 Complete Overhaul Gasket Set; Crankshaft Seals Not Included Cyl. Block01$210.570
Details PC-RE38858-WS Complete Overhaul Gasket Set; Including Crankshaft Seals Cyl. Block01$252.240
Details View Images PC-R119874 Camshaft Bearing Cyl. Block41$12.100
Details PC-RE61767 Oil Cooler, W/6 Plates; Cooler Codes 5904, 5906; From Serial # 185,224 Cyl. Block01$101.920
Details PC-R105714 Washer, Oil Cooler; Modine Oil Cooler Codes 5911, 5915 Cyl. Block11$6.890

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