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Off Highway Engine Model 6404A / 6404T
6.6L 404 Turbo-Diesel L6 4.25" Bore

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Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details View Images PC-R53108 Starter To Block Gasket, 3-Hole Mount; Starting Motor Code 3004 Electrical01$1.890
Details PC-JD9449 Ball Bearing, Alternator, Front; Delco-Remy; 12 Volt Alternator Electrical01$6.270
Details PC-JD9449 Ball Bearing, Alternator, Front; Motorola; 12 Volt, 35 Amp Alternator;
72 Amp Alternator; To Serial # 357,083
Details PC-R62410 Speed/Hour Meter Gasket; To Serial # 357,083 Electrical01$1.800
Details PC-R83021 Exhaust Valve Manifold Gasket; One Exhaust Valve Seat Hole Int/Exh Mfld.52$4.550
Details PC-R83020 Exhaust Valve Manifold Gasket; Two Exhaust Valve Seat Holes Int/Exh Mfld.52$2.930
Details View Images PC-R50397 Intake Valve Manifold Gasket; Two Intake Valve Seat Holes Int/Exh Mfld.23$2.340
Details View Images PC-R130573 Intake Valve Manifold Gasket; 6404A Engines; To Serial # 357,083 Int/Exh Mfld.23$6.030
Details PC-R50406 O-Ring, Manifold Coupling; 6404A Engines; Small End; From Serial # 357,084 Int/Exh Mfld.11$2.770
Details PC-R50406 O-Ring, Manifold Coupling; 6404T Engines; Small End; From Serial # 512,306 Int/Exh Mfld.11$2.770
Details View Images PC-R26058 Crankshaft, Front Cover Gasket Camshaft01$3.871
Details View Images PC-R50390 Timing Gear Cover Gasket, Access Cover Camshaft71$2.231
PC-R50353 Timing Gear Cover Gasket; From Serial # 357,084 Camshaft610
Details PC-R47047 Timing Gear Cover Gasket; To Serial # 357,083 Camshaft61$8.580
PC-R71529 Camshaft; W/Camshaft Marked R64086, R77259 Camshaft410
PC-R71530 Camshaft; 6404T Engines; From Serial # 335,846 Camshaft410
Details PC-R26115 Camshaft Plug Camshaft01$2.346
Details PC-R52773 Lifter, Camshaft Camshaft312$10.060
Details PC-AR100385 Cam/Lifter Camshaft Kit; W/Camshaft Marked R64086, R77259; Including
(12) PC-R52773, (1) PC-R71529