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Off Highway Engine Model 6466D
Standard Engine
7.6L 466 Diesel L6 4.5625" Bore

477.jpg - Diagram
Page: 421
Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details PC-AR77748 Flanged Main Bearing, Std. Crankshaft31$45.013
Details PC-AR77750 Flanged Main Bearing, 10 Crankshaft31$45.010
Details View Images PC-AR77751 Flanged Main Bearing, 20 Crankshaft31$45.010
Details PC-AR77752 Flanged Main Bearing, 30 Crankshaft31$45.010
Details PC-AR77747 Thrust Washer Set, Std. Crankshaft51$31.385
Details PC-R26151 Oil Pump Spring, Valve Crankshaft01$1.530
Details PC-R71732 O-Ring, Oil Pump; Pump Codes 1904, 1906, 1908; W/Pump Marked R62946,
R124328; From Serial # 169,337
Details PC-R71732 O-Ring, Oil Pump; Pump Codes 1904, 1908; W/Pump Marked R57556;
To Serial # 169,336
Details PC-R71732 O-Ring, Oil Pump To Block; Block Codes 4602, 4603; From Serial # 169,337 Crankshaft01$1.920
Details PC-R495R O-Ring, Ventilator Tube; Smooth Crankshaft91$0.440
Details View Images PC-R52049 Oil Pump Cover Gasket; Oil Pump Codes 1904, 1907, 1908 Crankshaft01$1.450
Details PC-R100569 Oil Pump Intake Valve Gasket; W/Oil Pump Housing Marked R124328 Crankshaft01$1.450
Details PC-R43660 Rectangle Or Square Seal, Filter To Housing; W/Housing Marked R67409,
R71484, R84946
PC-R43774 Oil Filter To Block Gasket; W/Filter Housing Marked R67409, R71484, R84946 Crankshaft1210

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