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Off Highway Engine Model 6531D
Standard Engine
8.7L 531 Diesel L6 4.75" Bore

530-531.jpg - Diagram
Page: 468
Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details PC-R35124 Liner, W/O Sealing Rings; Early Engines Pstn/Liner16$121.060
Details PC-R42366 Liner, W/O Sealing Rings; Late Engines Pstn/Liner16$109.770
Details PC-R35124-WS Liner, W/Sealing Rings; Early Engines Pstn/Liner16$132.010
Details PC-R42366-WS Liner, W/Sealing Rings; Late Engines Pstn/Liner16$121.290
PC-CK4506-5124 Cylinder Kit Complete; Early Engines; W/Block Marked R35130; W/Con.
Rod Marked R35048, R40238, R53286, R58881, R66927
Details PC-CK6548-2366 Cylinder Kit Complete, Std.; Late Engines; W/Block Marked R40270, R42370,
R45300, R47510; W/Con. Rod Marked R35048, R40238, R53286, R58881, R66927
Details PC-AR35992 Cylinder Liner, Sealing Ring Kit; Early Engines Pstn/Liner66$16.210
Details PC-AR55951 Cylinder Liner, Sealing Ring Kit; Late Engines Pstn/Liner66$30.290
PC-AR44506 Piston Body, W/O Pin; Early Engines Pstn/Liner260
Details PC-RE16548 Piston Body, W/O Pin; Late Engines Pstn/Liner26$175.190
PC-AR44506-WP Piston Kit, W/Pin & Retainers; Early Engines Pstn/Liner1660
Details PC-RE16548-WP Piston Kit, W/Pin & Retainers; Late Engines Pstn/Liner166$154.680
PC-AR44505 Piston Kit, W/Ring Set; Early Engines Pstn/Liner1660
Details PC-RE16549 Piston Kit, W/Ring Set; Late Engines Pstn/Liner166$205.980
Details PC-R35053 Piston Pin Pstn/Liner36$33.840
Details PC-D2824R Piston Pin Retainer Pstn/Liner412$1.830
Details PC-R36328 Piston Pin Bushing; W/Con. Rod Marked R35048, R40238, R53286, R58881,
Details PC-R76783 Piston Pin Bushing; W/Con. Rod Marked R48315, R53287, R58883, R66926;
W/1.875" Pin Dia.; W/1.8762" ID, 2.0622" OD, 1.625" O.A.L.
Details PC-R66453 Con. Rod Bolt; Torque-To-Yield Bolt; Replacement Recommended Pstn/Liner1412$9.1012

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