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Off Highway Engine Model 4219T
Standard Engine
3.6L 219 Turbo-Diesel L4 4.0157" Bore

218.jpg - Diagram
Page: 218
Part No. Description Group Ref#Qty. Price QOH
Details PC-R51734 Exhaust Valve Seat, Std. Cyl. Head64$14.153
Details PC-R73064 Intake Valve Seat, Std. Cyl. Head54$7.035
Details PC-R26125 Spring, Valve; 2.1200" Free Height Cyl. Head48$3.2216
Details PC-RE11410 Rotocap, Valve; Exhaust Valve Seat & Intake Valve Seat Cyl. Head38$4.680
Details PC-R87627 Valve Stem Seal; O-Ring Type Cyl. Head28$0.4818
Details PC-T20073 Lifter, Camshaft Camshaft98$11.090
Details PC-RE42211 Mechanical Fuel Pump, Transfer pump Fuel Sys.121$31.820
Details PC-T20219 Thermostat Gasket; Thermostat Housing Marked T20218 Cooling Sys.161$0.823
Details PC-T20215 Thermostat Cover Gasket Cooling Sys.151$0.851
Details View Images PC-R97342 Oil Pan Gasket; W/Stamped Oil Pan Cyl. Block01$20.010
Details PC-PG219CS Gasket Conversion Set; Wear Sleeve Included Cyl. Block01$127.860
Details PC-PG219S In-Frame Gasket Set Cyl. Block01$97.911
Details PC-RE38857 Complete Overhaul Gasket Set; Crankshaft Seals Not Included Cyl. Block01$126.110
Details PC-RE38857-WS Complete Overhaul Gasket Set; Including Crankshaft Seals; Rear
Main Bearing Seal Included; Wear Sleeve Not Included
Cyl. Block01$163.340
Details PC-R57160S Balance Shaft Set Cyl. Block01$36.460
Details View Images PC-R57160 Balance Shaft Bearing Cyl. Block06$6.050

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