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Series 149 Detroit Diesel Engines

- groups: 2.1665 - 2.1700

2.1525 - 2.1745 Electronic Injector Controls.jpg - Diagram
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Part No. Description Group Ref#8V12V16V20V Price QOH
Details View Images 23519175 Sensor Assembly,1/4" Optical Cls. 2.166500A/RA/RA/RA/R$230.404
Details 23518043 Connector Assembly 2.167000A/RA/RA/RA/R$23.720
Details View Images 23518117 Isolator Assembly, EMIM Mount 2.167000A/RA/RA/RA/R$19.0412
Details View Images 23515398 Kit, Coolant Level Sensor; 3/8" NPT DDEC 3 2.167000A/RA/RA/RA/R$70.100
Details View Images 23505264 Module, Coolant Level Sensor 2.167000A/RA/RA/RA/R$96.990
Details View Images 23520380 Probe, Coolant Level Sensor 2.167000A/RA/RA/RA/R$22.443
Details View Images 23519175 Sensor Assembly, 1/4" Optical Cls. 2.167000A/RA/RA/RA/R$230.404
Details 23527916 Harness Assembly, Pigtail Sbbim. 2.169000A/RA/RA/RA/R$371.140
Details 23512298 Harness Assembly, Pigtail; Boat Builder Interface Module
To Mar. Gear
Details 23507185 Harness Assembly, Wiring; Boat Builder Interface 2.169000A/RA/RA/RA/R$3,231.020
Details 23517994 Harness Assembly; Emim To ECM; V149 DDEC 3 2.169000A/RA/RA/RA/R$1,078.350
Details 23517995 Harness Assembly; Wiring EMIM To ECM; 12V & 16V 2.169000A/RA/R$1,859.000
Details 23512291 Harness, Wireing; Boat Builder Interface Module To ECM; 8V;
(Option Type #327)
Details 23512306 Harness, Wiring; Boat Builder Interface Module To ECM 2.169000A/RA/RA/RA/R$864.970
Details 23512328 Harness, Wiring; Boat Builder Interface Module To ECM 2.169000A/RA/RA/RA/R$2,586.070
Details View Images 8925720 Bushing, 1/2" X 1/4" Reducing Pipe; (12.9570) 2.169000A/RA/RA/RA/R$10.611
Details View Images 23532797 Sensor, Oil & Fuel Pressure; W/Dual Gasket Seal & Vent Filter 2.167500A/RA/RA/RA/R$90.439
Details View Images 5101020 Strap, Nylon; (2.5255) 2.169000A/RA/RA/RA/R$0.710
Details 23515120 Harness, Injector L.B. Center.; DDEC 3 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$407.790
Details 23516966 Harness, Injector L.B. Front & R.B. Front 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$196.300
Details 23515119 Harness, Injector R.B. Center.; DDEC 3 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$387.700
Details 23511778 Harness, Injector Wiring L.B. Center 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$529.290
Details 23511774 Harness, Injector Wiring L.B. Front 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$410.740
Details 23504406 Harness, Injector Wiring L.B. Front & R.B. Rear 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$308.730
Details 23511776 Harness, Injector Wiring L.B. Rear 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$425.820
Details 23515116 Harness, Injector Wiring L.B. Rear; DDEC 3 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$332.370
Details 23515118 Harness, Injector Wiring L.B. Rear DDEC 3 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$455.850
Details 23511777 Harness, Injector Wiring R.B. Center 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$564.700
Details 23511773 Harness, Injector Wiring R.B. Front 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$454.010
Details 23504407 Harness, Injector Wiring R.B. Front & L.B. Rear 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$328.830
Details 23511775 Harness, Injector Wiring R.B. Rear 2.170000A/RA/RA/RA/R$494.980

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